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All talk?

by on January 22, 2013

All talk?

What did you make of Obama’s commitment to addressing climate change?

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  1. Since climate change did hold a prominent place in Obama’s inauguration speech, I hope that he will move forward in addressing climate change. After the debates of the 2012 election, it was discouraging because the topic of climate change did not come up or was not a prominent topic . Then, Hurricane Sandy hit as if a reminder that climate change is not going anywhere and is getting worse. It goes without saying that the President’s plate is full – especially now with immigration, gun control, and the economy. Climate change is a pressing issue, and one can only hope that the President will follow through, keeping to his word. Of course, there are numerous efforts to persuade the President to move forward on climate change like the “Forward on Climate Change” movement that plans to hold a rally in DC on the 17th of this month. They’re trying “to help the President start his second term with strong climate action,” and the first step is for him to reject the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.

  2. As I read through this article it appears that Obama is more devoted to global warming, the article states that Obama devoted 8 sentences more than any other specific area. He says something need to be done because our children and future generations will be impacted. Obama goes on to say that the evidence cannot be ignored. We can’t “avoid the devastating raging fires, and crippling drought and more power storms. ” According to the article Obama is taking a different approach than his first term because “he failed to win passage of comprehensive legislation to reduce emissions of the gases that cause global warming.”
    The problem is that Obama clearly doesn’t have enough power to change legislation, but he is trying to find a way. Nonetheless, he is competing with conservatives. He wants to try to have everyone on the same page and help people understand why a change needs to happen. This is the reason why “his approach is vetted politically, economically and technologically so as not to risk missing what many environmental advocates say could be the last best chance for years to address the problem.” Further, this reminds me about what we spoke about in class. As a country we depend on the oil industry and different corporations because after US citizens they provide the money we need to run this country. If we try to change the way we do things then we could lose a lot of money.
    I’m not sure what to think about what Obama said but, according to this article it is one of his main priorities. I would imagine if it is true it’s not going to be easy because a lot of people are against him.

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