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Ocean Front Property in Worcester

by on January 22, 2013

Ocean Front Property in Worcester

There was a more lengthy forecasting of different ranges of shorelines in the NYT in December that was perhaps more alarmist, but how do you react to reading articles like this?

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  1. krreer14 permalink

    Having enjoyed the beaches of Long Island since I was born, articles like this definitely alarm and worry me. My beach house is located in Breezy Point, NY which was one of the beaches that was hit extremely hard by Hurricane Sandy. Having seen the damage first hand and how far the water was able to rise left me speechless. As pointed out in the article, its very true that until you see it first hand, it’s very hard to fully understand the crisis this poses. In the article they write, “Calculations by Climate Central, a research group, suggest that once the ocean has risen five feet, storm tides comparable to those of Hurricane Sandy could occur about every 15 years in New York City.” This is particularly worrisome to me. The Jersey Shore is raising millions of dollars in order to “Rebuild the Shore” yet rebuilding is clearly not going to be enough. There needs to be significant moves to prevent this from happening again, or at the very least lessen the ramifications as much as possible, and this needs to involve people becoming informed. The environment interacts with us as much as we interact with the environment and we need to be able to form some sort of grasp on that complicated relationship.

  2. Adam Schmidt permalink

    I too have a shore house and this issue hits near and dear to my heart. I live down the Jersey shore in the summer and after Hurricane Sandy our house was depleted and needed rebuilding. The water rising so high and all over the town was disheartening and amazing. clearly climate change is at the forefront here and we all should be fearful of more taxing waves then Hurricane Sandy’s

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