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“How Long”

by on February 1, 2013

Not sure about the music or the video, but I thought the apocalyptic stuff was on the wane. I guess it’s here to stay though.


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  1. tomkohlhauff permalink

    This video was quite interesting, however the ideas that it inferred were also quite intriguing. The idea that fascinates me most are the “ideas for a feature film about a post-technology civilization, in which humans have reverted to primitive behavior”. However, I don’t think that it is possible. The philosopher, Jean- Jacques Rousseau thought that man had entered in a civil society from the state of nature. Man has become so engrossed in technology and civil society that man cannot go back to any type of state of nature. Rousseau’s ideas greatly agree with my opinions that man cannot just “revert” back into a state of nature, by their own choice. If all of the technology was destroyed, all of the roads and modern buildings wouldn’t be destroyed and if they were, there wouldn’t be any more humans to make a difference about anything anyway. However, if there were humans left, there would still be bits and pieces of technology for humans to build off of, and those humans still wouldn’t be in a state where those humans “reverted to primitive behavior”. .

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