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From Vivian

by on February 6, 2013

From Vivian

Vivian sent this today. Since we will begin talking about Louisiana tomorrow it is useful to understand why disasters happen in some places and not others or why some people can recover quicker than others. It is not random. Great maps and great data. Thanks Vivian!

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  1. I think it is particularly compelling to see the overlaps on the maps of social vulnerability and potential “natural disasters”. This reminds me of the intersectionality discourse that feminists talk about; the idea that privilege and discrimination are two sides of the same coin and in order for some to have privilege others must have discrimination. One often doesn’t realize that they have privilege. In areas illustrated by the maps, one can see the already impoverished areas are the ones that are most at risk of what oxfam calls “hazards”. Overall, it is this idea of privilege that is imperative in understanding the reasons for tragic realities brought by natural disasters.

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