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Matt Damon is not going to the bathroom

by on February 12, 2013

Matt Damon is not going to the bathroom

We’ll talk about water in a few days and then later throughout the course, but here is Matt D.

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  1. tomkohlhauff permalink

    After watching Matt Damon’s video, the first emotion that came over me was humor. However, after hearing the facts Damon “poured out” about the water crisis we have in the world, I was surprised. Damon said 780 million people lack clean water and 2.5 billion either don’t have a toilet or a sanitation system. Those numbers are shocking. Especially when you add in the fact that more people have cell phones than people who have a toilet. However, am I actually surprised? No. It is an unfortunate situation that so many people lack clean water and there is such a substantial water crisis in the world, but it does not surprise me. There is too much of a differential between first world countries and third world countries that a large number of people lack any type of water sanitation. I will leave this comment on a side-note that I believe, which is that in the future wars won’t be fought over oil, but over fresh water.

  2. Since Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors I was excited to see this link up. I thought the video was not only really funny, but a good way to spread awareness. I think Matt uses his celebrity status to his advantage in a really good way because someone like me, who might never watch a video on water, is enticed to click the link and watch the video. It kept me watching because it was so light hearted and humorous. Sometimes I think that the dramatic promotion videos, although informative and effective, are so widely used that they lose their effectiveness. I might be moved temporarily by the images, but I think we have become so desensitized to these kinds of portrayals that it has become easier and easier to brush off and forget about what was just watched. With this, I kept digging because I thought it was funny and I was interested. As selfish as this might sound, its just what I noticed within my own actions.

    I also liked that Matt’s charity targets the most basic necessity of human life. This contrasts to Tom’s shoes, where in this charity I feel as if the time and effort invested into helping is actually productive. Great video, I signed up for the twitter/facebook thing too so I can stay updated on the campaign.

  3. DannyTierney2016 permalink

    I think this mock press conference video by Matt Damon is an extremely interesting way to generate knowledge about this very basic problem that goes unnoticed by people in wealthier countries. Though Matt Damon used humor, he was still able to convey the unhealthy conditions that many people are facing when it comes to water and sanitation. I thought it was shocking to hear that more people win the world have cell phones than toilets.
    Using a video like this, Matt Damon’s cause will definitely easily become viral and spread very quickly. This way he’ll be able to reach a wide range audience and since the video does use humor, I think it makes it more engaging to watch.
    However, it will be interesting to see how successful this campaign is. Though making this video viral will generate a lot of hype, the hardest part will be for actual change to occur. As pointed out in the video, 2.5 billion people do not have access to proper sanitation. That is an extraordinarily high amount of people, which illustrates how widespread this problem truly is.

  4. Matt Damon’s plug seems reminiscent to both the Product (RED) campaign and last year’s Invisible Children “Kony” viral video. Similar to the Product (RED) advertisement theory, it seems is using celebrity endorsement to gain notoriety to their cause. Many of the “reporters” of that short video clip are also D-list celebrities frequently featured on SNL or guest roles in movies. U2 frontman Bono headed up the Product (RED) campaign that made thousands quick to purchase its products in attempts to spend ethically. Matt Damon’s plight to “not use the toilet” is an attempt to encourage celeb followers to similarly spread the news on this organization. This theory of following celebrities is clearly at play with Although the “Kony” viral video did not use humor to attract its widespread attention, it is certainly aim to attract that attention via social media. Despite the ultimate controversy around “Kony”, it definitely grabbed the attention of the masses. However, I found the message of this overall video lost in the potty humor. If you re-watch it, the video shifts from informative to hilarious at around 1:30; the video itself is only 3:30 minutes long. That means 2/3 of the video is spent making potty jokes. Damon is a huge celebrity for this organization to contract. I googled if there were other videos for this organization using Damon, however, as of right now, this is the only one. Why not more time of the video informing viewers what the exact issue is, ways to help, ways to donate, or ways to get more information. Those questions were only addressed once during the video. Studies show that repeating information is more likely to stick with viewers. Although I think is definitely on to something good with contracting Damon and using humor, I think they need to redirect their energy to incorporating some more information about the problem is.

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