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From Katie

by on February 20, 2013

From Katie

good report on environment and endocrine disruption


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  1. I always think environmental initiatives are most compelling to the public when they are pared with health initiatives. When most people hear about BPA and other endocrine disruptor in the news I doubt many even see a correlation to environmentalism, but rather see a public health problem. The benefits of using public health as the frame of environmental problems is that a much larger spectrum of individuals are interested, the downfall is that they may not even understand the environmental benefits of moving away from chemical like BPA.
    Ultimately, I don’t think it will make too much of a difference if people dislike BPA and other endocrine distributors for environmental or public health reasons. I do not think there will be a ban until either (1) there is a major health problem, seen by many people effecting the country that can be directly linked to BPA exposure in commercial products or (2) chemical companies find an alternative chemical to use, which they will continue to profit from and have an incentive to switch to.
    The problems surrounding BPA remind me of those surrounding CFCs and ozone, there was not a ban of CFCs, until chemical companies found HCFCs, a chemical which they could still produce and make an even larger profit from. I suspect the same will occur with BPA.

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