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by on February 22, 2013



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  1. It is interesting to consider this drought and mounting water crisis, one that has wealthy countries such as Saudi Arabia grabbing water, in comparison and arguably in conflict with the mounting energy crisis. Across some of the states referenced in this article is a “vast yet shallow underground water table aquifer”. It would seem that if this drought is to persist or if future droughts are to occur in closer and closer time proximity to each other the “Ogallala Aquifer, part of the High Plains Aquifer System” will prove ever more important. Yet the Keystone Expansion, one that will ensure Americans get more oil, travels across this fresh water source. If our studies of Louisiana have proven anything, it is that the “growth machine” that puts the environment (and the majority of the population) at risk for the disproportionate benefit of a few is not feasible anymore, and will prove costly, as the BP oil spill has shown.

  2. It’s hard for me to believe that we are running out of water, and that “there isn’t anymore water to get.” It’s clear to me that water is a problem in our world today. From the water grabbing, not having fresh water available, to droughts that cause fires and more. The only thing that I struggle with is that I don’t understand why we don’t create a machine that makes cleaning water inexpensive. We are starting to see a pattern occurring and we should fix it before its too late. To go off what atbone13 said, I can only imagine what will happen to the Ogallala Aquifer. Is the water even protected, will it be damaged by the pipes?

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