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by on February 27, 2013


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  1. Upon reading this article I was pleased to see that these people were receiving some justice from what they were exposed to. “It was also a landmark legal case: the first time a jury had found a corporation guilty of criminal violations of the Clean Air Act.” However, CITGO was never sentenced for illegally placing giant tanks of oil in this town! It has been five years and nothing has changed about the case and it makes we wonder if they will receive any help. As I was reading I though about Bhopal in India(mentioned in chapter two of Black Beaches and Bayous) and how these people never received help and till this day they are still fighting for justice. Does this happen all the time? We know that CITGO benefited a lot by illegally placing these tanks and I personally believe they should pay the price. Not only did they not have authority to place the tanks, but they put peoples health and the environment around them at risk. I believe that this is ridiculous. Also, through this class we are starting to see that this happens a lot.

    Why do corporations ignore citations? Is it because it’s just a fine and they can easily pay that fine. If so, they should be receiving higher fines that they wouldn’t want to pay. It should be taken more seriously because these are peoples lives we are talking about. People shouldn’t have to suffer from environmental injustice because a corporation isn’t following the law.

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