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Turn Down Those Lights!

by on March 6, 2013

Turn Down Those Lights!

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  1. When listening to this audio clip, I immediately thought about toxic uncertainty. While excessive artificial light does not give people skin cancer like the sun, it harms us more indirectly. For example, it reduces our body production of melatonin at night, which throws off our sleeping patterns and metabolism. It is connected to breast cancer indirectly. Artificial light has many benefits such as increased tourism in Times Square, or a sense of security when traveling at night. Bright lights are a necessary part of our culture but steps should be taken to reduce lighting at night when people are asleep. Perhaps people living on highly lit streets should use shades to keep light out when they are going to sleep. Another step that can be taken is using lights with a sensor. Streets should be well lit when used, but after midnight, less people travel. The lights should only turn on when people are passing by. Less people will be disturbed by artificial lights. Even if we do not know all of the harmful affects of light pollution, toxic uncertainty should not prevent us from taking precautions to improve our health as a nation.

  2. After reading this article, It made me think about how excessive our society has become in terms of waste. In the article it talked about how the lights at gas stations are far brighter than they were years ago. I understand the idea of having artificial lighting at night for safety reasons, but when it comes to competition and unnecessary use, I think that we can definitely take measures to reduce the amount of artificial light we are using at night. I liked the quote in the article about Paris being “the city of lights” and still taking steps in the right direction. I think that sometimes we need to look at what other countries and people are doing to reduce their carbon footprint, and try to follow their lead.

  3. This article is interesting to me, because like the article said, I take the lights on at night for granted. If I was driving at night and I needed gas, I would for sure choose the gas station which was lit brighter. However, I feel that this issue can fall into the human exemptionalism paradigm. Humans do not think that their light cannot affect the environment or other people. However, when everyone is competing to be the brightest gas station on the block, much more light that is needed is being used. The idea of dimming the lights at night is a positive idea everyone to adopt. However, I do not think that it will be achieved. People need to feel secure, not matter how bad they are messing up their sleep cycles. The people wouldn’t be able to sleep at all without their lights on outside their house lighting up their ADT home security sign. Possibly establishments can work on dimming their lights to help this problem, but I do not find this problem threatening our lives severely.

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