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Water Grabbing at Home

by on March 6, 2013

Water Grabbing at Home – The Story of the Colorado

I highly recommend watching the first video on this page entitled “Source to Sea.”  It’s a short three minute time lapse film about two kayakers and their journey to paddle down the entire length of the Colorado River to the Gulf of California.  Though you can probably guess what the ending is based on our current talks about water grabbing, the video shows that the issue isn’t just confined to the “rest” of the world.

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  1. DannyTierney2016 permalink

    Learning about environmental issues in this class definitely highlights the fact that environmental issues are, in fact, global issues. It is easy to read and article about water grabbing between Saudi Arabia and Africa and believe that that is only problem elsewhere and far from home. Everyday we use water with ease and it seems always readily available to us. It is important to realize that water is, in fact, a finite source and affects the entire world. We all consume copious amounts of water in various ways. It is dangerous to believe that water related issues are only region specific because change will never be enacted unless people can come together. An interesting quote from the clip that brought up this point was “How do we all come together and save the places all kinds of people love?”.

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