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by on March 12, 2013


We’re not there yet, but since this has been in the news a good deal lately I thought it would not hurt to start thinking about these things. Is this just caveat emptor or should we be upset that the place, as Bruni notes, that the place that sells cheap futons isn’t selling quality meatballs? [Disclaimer: I have purchased both a futon and meatballs from IKEA–though not at the same time.]

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    Apparently China has just as hard a time getting quality meatballs as we do.
    As a result of a recent crackdown on tainted meats, thousands of pig carcasses have been dumped into China’s Yangtze River creating a troubling site for the millions of residents of Shanghai who are now concerned about tainted water as well as spoiled bacon.

  2. This article reminds me of a documentary I seen a few years back “The Cove.” To sum it up briefly, it is about the fishing operations of a city in Japan where they are using the dolphin meat, which is high in mercury, and unknown to the consumers, selling it on the markets (or they were at the time of this documentary release in 2009).
    I think we should be upset that we are not buying what we think we are. When it comes to food we should know, or be able to easily find out, what it is we are actually eating. It of course goes further down the line however to who are actually processing the meats and how they are being processed. I think it’s funny that people can get upset because they are not sure wheather they are eating horse or beef but can care less on how that animal was giving unnatural conditions and supplements for the sole reason of being sold to you. Precautions need to be taking from the top of the chain to the bottom to ensure what the label says we are reading is actually what we are eating. There’s far more dangerous/hazardous conditions that go into processing meat that should be worried about, not that IKEA specifically has meatballs that may have horse meat.

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