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From Maddie

by on March 14, 2013
Here is a video about the family I mentioned in my journal.
This family produces virtually zero waste. I watched this video a few years ago, but after some of the topics we have been discussing in class, I thought it was really relevant. I feel like as humans we see living without waste as impossible, but this family proves that if you work hard enough, you can minimize your waste as well as save money. Here is also her blog

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  1. krreer14 permalink

    I found this video to be so cool and interesting. At the beginning of the clip I had the feeling that they would be spending a lot of money in order to achieve this “zero waste” lifestyle and was astonished that they were actually saving money. This “zero waste” lifestyle is incredible and it was fascinating to see the easy fixes the family was able to apply to every day life. It was amazing to see the amount of trash they collected. Although this is certainly extreme, I feel that we as individuals should start making small efforts such as the one seen in this clip such as storing vegetables in non-plastic baggies or bringing jars to the stores. These fixes seem so simple yet they clearly prove to make a big difference when it comes to waste.

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