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Drop in the Bucket

by on March 15, 2013

Drop in the Bucket

Remember we subsidize fossil fuel from 10-52/billion a year! What would a headline do that read fossil fuel to get 1/5 to 1/25th of what fossil fuel industry gets…

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  1. A lot of this stuff can get pretty dreary. $2 Billion is nothing to ignore. In fact it seems like another step in the right direction, but groups with a vested interest and a lot more than $2 billion have and will fight tooth and nail to keep the status quo for energy consumption in this country.
    We have to remember, countries such as China, who are experiencing the same worldwide energy crisis (as they develop at an alarming rate), are also well aware of the energy crisis. They just don’t have as much of a vested interest in sticking to oil.
    This summer I work at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, which puts efforts into responsible, efficient energy use. Yet we had to face the music when private clean energy companies went under here in Massachusetts as competition from China and a greater vested interest from their government proved too much.

  2. Knowing the actual profit made by fossil fuel makes the first line of this article sound completely ridiculous in my opinion. “Warning that the United States risks falling behind in the international race to develop alternative energy, President Obama on Friday proposed diverting $2 billion in revenue”. If we as a nation were truly worried about alternative energy more profit would be devoted. While I understand $2 billion is a lot of money, if the headline read energy alternatives to recieve 1/5 to 1/25 of what fossil fuel gets, I think readers would understand more completely that fossil fuel is a major business to the American economy and we don’t really want to get off of using it. The article makes it appear that $2 billion of fossils fuel revenue is a tremendous amount of money to a business that racks in 5 to 25 billion dollars.

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