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Like US but worse?

by on March 22, 2013

Like US but worse?


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  1. The title to this post hits the nail on the head. All I could think about while reading this article is how similar BP is to the industries in China. Like BP, companies find it more profitable to ignore environmental risk. Society will not function efficiently until companies recognize the environmental degradation that they are causing. China has already reached a state with their air pollution that they need to take immediate action to solve their problem. However, as long as companies can continue to take advantage of the poor policies to hold them accountable, China’s air quality will continue to deteriorate until the conditions are not able to be lived in anymore.

  2. Adam Schmidt permalink

    What Tom said above is exactly what i was thinking. All this article reminded me of was the BP oil spill and also of Gasland and how companies that maintain monopoly and power cut corners continuously. It is amazing that these companies feel a few extra bucks are that much more important than the lives and well being of others. China is going to continue to suffer while companies cut corners and until the government controls this, living quality will continue to decline.

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