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On to Food–in a week

by on March 26, 2013

On to Food–in a week


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  1. As I began this article, I was struck by the word “buried” in regards to how the Monstanto Protection Act was presented to courts. It reminded me of “Gasland” and the way Cheyenne was able to pass his bill supporting hydraulic fracking and oil companies. It seems a trend is emerging in the ways politicians dance around environmentalist’s plights. As the article outlined, GMO crops will most likely still produced by Monstanto allowing them to “get just what they wanted”, as the article so curtly states. The reality is, the issue of GMO crops is seemed as less important than a crippling economy or even the right to gay marriage. Interestingly, if we take an Ecological Marxist perspective, we need healthy people to continue capitalism but GMO crops ultimately weaken our health as individuals. Thus, the bill is counterintuitive to both capitalism and our health.

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