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normal accidents

by on April 1, 2013

normal accidents

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  1. Watching the video of the oil running onto the street is a clear wake-up call that these accidents are going to keep happening. As humans we always make mistake and I think thats what these corporations don’t take into consideration. They just build what they want where they want because it’s convenient for them. Why can’t they find a place where it’s safer for everyone. Yes, its true mistakes do happen, but when they keep occurring all over the country thats a problem.
    I agree with the response from Bill McKibben who wrote: “We’d be wise to think about this as one more sad warning, like the spills in Kalamazoo and the Yelowstone River. What the people of Arkansas are enduring today is a reminder of why approving KXL, a pipeline ten times as large and running across the Oglalla Aquifer, defines a bad idea.” Its not smart at all to build this pipeline that runs through more neighborhoods. What if this one explodes as well?

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