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Interesting article from NYT

by on April 5, 2013

Interesting article from NYT

This covers a lot of themes we have talked about

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  1. This is a very interesting article. I cannot determine wheather I agree or disagree with Ms. Carter on Fresh Direct moving into the Bronx. Coming from New York City, Brooklyn specifically, I know how for many low income families in these areas it is difficult to find healthier food options. Many of these low income areas are flooded with unhealthy food options and Fresh Direct can bring in a healthy option but probably for an increased amount due to food delivery. The idea that Fresh Direct would bring in jobs is also very appealing. The fact that the community is now feeling betrayed by Ms Carter is valid because her motives appear to be finanical now. Still, she makes great points on what it will do for the community. I agree that this issue of Fresh Direct moving into the Bronx is more complicated than people are making it seem and people (organizations and activist) should assess all sides to this. The presence of Ms. Carter should not deter people from looking at the facts and not at the people involved. The article states that Ms. Carter has linked Fresh Direct with other groups forming private-public relationships, so clearly she has not forgotten about the “little people.” I am interested to know where this will lead and what will happen to Ms. Carter’s creditablitly in the Bronx area.

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