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Ted Talk – Mark Bittman on What’s wrong with what we eat

by on April 5, 2013

Thought this Ted talk was extremely relevant to our discussion on food.  Mark Bittman brings the controversy full circle when he discusses the effect food has on the Earth as well.

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  1. becarr13 permalink

    When browsing the NY Times, I found an article that discusses a research study on effects of eating red meat.

  2. I really enjoyed this talk because it focused on a lot of positive reasons to change the American diet. I was shocked to learn that Americans eat much more than double the recommended meat. This is bad for our health because we consume an unhealthy amount of fat. Further, raising cattle is bad for our health because cows release methane into the air, which is worse than carbon dioxide.

    I agree with Brittman that changes must be made to food policy and American eating habits but completely changing the food industry seemed unrealistic. Animals should be fed a natural diet and raised in an authentic setting. It’s also a nice idea to support local farms but that is not affordable for a lot of people. It is also inconvenient for families with two working parents. It is easy to buy frozen or canned meals. For those who have the time and money to live a “locatarian” lifestyle, policies should be made to increase local farming. For those who cannot make a full commitment, people can make a change by serving and eating less beef and chicken.

    We have not talked too about much about the harmful effects of the fishing industry and the health effects of eating habits of the Japanese I saw in The Cove shown in Prof. Jones class.

  4. DannyTierney2016 permalink

    While listening to the talk, it was interesting to hear about the brief history of food in the US from 1900 until now. It was shocking to see the change in the way Americans think about food. In the present, Americans are obsessed with overconsumption of meat, cheese and junk food and something needs to be done. Mark Bittman is very correct in stating that now is the time for action and the time for change and this change has to be drastic. However, just because Americans need a drastic overhaul in the way we think about food and what we eat, it does not have to be a bad thing. He argues that we can be happier and healthier if we can learn to eat less meat and junk food. We must re-teach ourselves to eat what we legitimately need and not just what we desire. This positive change wouldn’t only help us, but it would also help our environment as well.

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