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Food Safety

by on April 18, 2013


Although this article isn’t necessarily academic I thought it was interesting to bring to our attention the tips Womens Health magazine gives for “How to make meat safer”.  After reading the book and watching Food Inc. I’m not entirely convinced these tips are enough to make meat safer but are there really any better solutions? Just something to think about.

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  1. DannyTierney2016 permalink

    After reading Eating Animals and watching Food Inc., I think that this article does not offer a comprehensive list of how to make meat safer. Because is in a magazine, this type of article is maybe slightly more upbeat than it should be. This quote stuck out to me, “The good news is that cooking meat to the proper temperature will destroy any harmful bacteria.” This statement does not account for the fact that although cooking may kill the bacteria, there are still antibiotics and other additives that we are ingesting. Furthermore, this article addresses how to make meat safer yet glosses over the root problems of why our meat needs to be made safer.
    That being said, this article can be seen more positively because it is at least bringing the readers’ attention to the idea that our meat is somehow unsafe. Though not as comprehensive as it could have been, this article does help to lift the veil the food industry has placed on the food we eat and how it is produced.

  2. This was one of the things that struck me most in “Eating Animals” – the fact that there are an increasing amount of bacteria resistant to antibiotics because of all the antibiotics fed to farm animals. It is scary stuff. It’s encouraging that a popular magazine is writing about it, but they do seem to offer solutions that don’t really even address the problem and undermine the problem even. They seem like “common sense” practices (with the exception of going organic) that people should be carrying out in the first place. It’s interesting how they mention going organic as a solution because as we all know the label sometimes means absolutely nothing. This also ignores the higher prices of organic meat and food and the inability of low-income families to adopt to that kind of lifestyle. So really, this article addresses a really important issue but fails in its attempt to remedy it.

  3. Adam Schmidt permalink

    I think this article is almost pointless. it talks about the process of cooking meats and what not but i feel like the issue is not how we cook our meat. Chickens are still steroided up and treated terribly with sickening conditions. The same goes for cows and other animals which we suffer the effects from. FOer discusses the conditions such as the slaughter houses in greater depth but i think the root of the problem is not addressed in this article

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