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From Martha

by on April 19, 2013

From Martha

I stumbled upon this article about how sustainable seafood labels can be misleading. Apparently, an article was recently published in the journal Biological Conservation claiming that objections made to the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) about their labeling and certification process do not receive the attention they should. Scientists say the guidelines are not strict enough. Objections include lack of knowledge about the long-term impact of fishing, accidental catch of endangered marine animals, and the impact of dredging or seafloor trawling on bottom-living species. I guess this goes to show that labels aren’t dependable and are more likely trying to market to a certain demand for “sustainable” products rather than reflecting the true value of sustainability in fishing and food production. This also emphasizes how difficult it is for consumers to know everything about the food they are eating – where it comes from, how it is caught, etc. It seems virtually impossible for us to know everything, even the most important facts, because the industries producing the food have a strong hand in regulating the information. And as this article shows, even food labeled as “sustainable,” is still be caught up in an industry that is not so much.

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