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Urban Canopy Better Than Marriage

by on April 22, 2013

Urban Canopy Better Than Marriage

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  1. Reading through this article, I can’t stop put think about Urban Heat Islands. Urban Heat islands are places, cities and towns where there has been a lot of industrial development. In these places studies find that the air temperature has increased, which can be bad for the environment. Not only does being greener make people happier, but it benefits the environment as well. The greener an area the lower the temperature.

  2. Thinking about the implications of this study, I am reminded of environmental privilege and how invisible privilege can become. Holy Cross’s addition of the grass area by Hogan, also known as the Hoval, has created a space where students can sunbathe, play, and even do homework on. The beautification of the campus is of great importance for the decision makers; which is evident in the constant manicuring of the landscape. It is no wonder why students are generally happier during spring semester in comparison to fall semester. This beautiful campus that we call home during the academic year makes attending this school both enjoyable and rewarding. This is a privilege that becomes clear upon visiting campuses that are but slabs of concrete; UMass Dartmouth comes to mind as an example of this.

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