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From Andy Revkin

by on April 29, 2013

From Andy Revkin

fear itself

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  1. In reading this article I feel the author is choosing to deal with the issue of climate change through the perspective of “all is well” which we discussed in class. Its not that he doesn’t fully believe climate change is occurring but he has put great faith in the government and scientists that they will fix the problems with climate change. He feels all will be fine and has a very optimistic view point of the issues that are occurring. I feel although it is good to be optimistic, that one also has to be realistic. That hopefully we are able to find solutions but we are already seeing the consequences now that I feel are directly related to climate change. We have to do more then just hope that scientist and the government are going to be able to fix this problems, we need to take action. We need to stop putting this problem into the hands of others and take responsibility each individually to bring about the necessary changes. We have the information, and although it may be more comforting to look at this positive view and think everything is going to be alright i feel it is time that we take the harder steps and realize that maybe everything will not be alright and hopefully this will bring about more change.

  2. Adam Schmidt permalink

    I feel that this article is the definition of what our society is today in regards to the issue of climate change. Myself and the majority of people i feel believe climate change really isn’t that big of a deal and the environmentalist people will address the issue. Although we think this, the majority of people do not realize the effects that climatie change is having on our lives. We need to address this issue and i think the first way to do so is to make the knowledge available to everyone to promote a change for the good.

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