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Climate Quiz

by on April 30, 2013

Climate Quiz

From the last link from Yale…similar to what we talked about in class with the different worldviews (i.e. individualist, hierarchist, etc.)…

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  1. Chapin Evans permalink

    I took this quiz and was thinking about Tropic of Chaos the entire time. I would really like to hear the perspective of people who do not believe Global Warming is occurring because it is very difficult to just disregard Parenti’s facts. On question 5, the quiz asked if global warming is happening, do you think it is:
    – Caused mostly by human activities
    – Caused mostly by natural changes in the environment
    – Other
    – None of the above because global warming isn’t happening.
    I reluctantly chose “other,” because based on what we have learned in class it is more of a mixture of human social activity colliding with nature, but it seemed like such a cop-out, and not urgently opinionated. Question 1 simply asked if you believed global warming was occurring, and then question 6 asked if you are worried about it. Due to the nature and context of global warming, I find it difficult to not be worried about it if one does believe it is occurring? Maybe that is just me. Global Warming seems to define itself in a rather negative light. I was impressed by question 7, however. It asked how much do you think global warming will harm you personally. I wish there was a text box so people could submit more than just the predetermined answers. I think this is where education and awareness comes into play with the general public reacting to global warming. Similarly, question 8 asks when it will harm the people of the United States. This goes along with the lecture from Friday, where we all agreed that the US has a lot of resources and will most likely be the last ones to be affected. However, “harmed” denotes intense damage, not just feeling minor effects. Those minor effects matter. It seems like no one is ready to accept the damage that global warming will instill, except for agreeing upon the fact that it will be a huge problem for future generations.

  2. I took the quiz and got a climate profile of “concerned.” I just think it is so interesting that people still believe that global warming is not happening. There is so much evidence and yet people refuse to believe it. This goes along with the cognitive strategies for coping that we talked about in class. People tend to dismiss these things because they feel helpless. Before I took this class, I had that same attitude. My discourse on global warming was basically, “well, I can’t do anything about it, and we don’t even know if it is that serious anyway.” Part of this came from a lack of understanding, and another part of it came from fear. This was a way for me to dismiss what I believed I couldn’t change, alleviating the cognitive dissonance such a situation creates. Now I obviously know that there is more that I can do, and I have been actively trying to make small changes in my life to help the cause. Even though I know this won’t do anything on the large scale if no one else does it, it is better than doing nothing or contributing to the problem even more.

  3. So somehow I ended up with a cautious rating on the quiz. I find this interesting because I feel im a little more concerned about climate change than the general public. I do think that the biggest obstacle to addressing climate change is that it is us who are causing it. We talked about this in class too, when we have to blame ourselves we try to find other explanaitions or play it off like its no big deal. If we cannot even get past acknowledging that we are destroying the planet how can we expect anyone to really step up to save it. We do not like being at fault and so I am concerned that it will be too long before we realize we must do something. if we are to help the planet then we must admit we are destroying it, and this means we must realize what steps and possible sacrifices it will take to make those changes.

    I wonder what people in third world countries would get on the quiz, as they are going to be disporoportionately hurt by global warming and sea level rises and the droughts and all of the bad things that are going to happen.

  4. Like Dylan, I was surprised I ended up with a cautious rating on the quiz. It seems like maybe people taking the survey have expressed concerns about global warming, but from my experience, most people I’ve talked to do not prioritize climate change very high. The survey stated that people categorized as cautious “haven’t thought much about global warming and say they need more information about it to make up their mind, but do not generally pay much attention to information about global warming or seek it out.” I frequently seek out sources that will help me reduce my carbon footprint. For example, I use a brita water bottle instead of disposable bottles, I reuse plastic bags from the supermarket when possible, and I use energy saving lights instead of the classic lightbulb. I am fully aware that global warming is a problem. I am concerned that as a nation, we are not taking drastic enough measures to reduce our carbon footprint.

    I agree with Chapin that survey question 7 should have asked the participant to explain how global warming will harm us personally. It’s a packed question that most people would not agree on. For example, you could say that global warming is leading to political unrest or wars in fragile countries due to limited resources. In the US, we do not witness battles on our land. We experience an increase in gas and oil prices which is minimally harmful compared to war. Experiencing less personal harm caused by global warming does not make someone any less aware or concerned about the issue at hand.

  5. I took the quiz and learned I am “alarmed”. I think that the more I learn about the effects of our behavior towards the environment my concerns become increasingly distinct. Parenti’s Tropics of Chaos was running through my mind as I took the quiz. It is hard for me to understand how some individuals deny climate change as a result of our actions.However, it is harder for me to understand the individuals that attribute climate change symptoms to a “natural cycle” of the world. I’ve actually heard people say, “well, the world freezes over every so often…how do you think the dinosaurs died off?”. I guess they’ll live the realities of their current choices in the future along with the rest of us. One can relate this issue to the image of a train gaining momentum. The train being history, past and present; where we are on board and can change the course of the train slightly but there is no way we can turn around because we are going too fast. We are headed towards a future that has been on it’s way since decisions in the industrialization era.

  6. I ended up with a concerned rating for this quiz. I feel this would be the typical rating most people with limited Environmental knowledge because we are aware that Global Warming is occurring. One of the questions asked whether or not I punished some of the companies that contribute to global warming by not purchasing any of their products. I answered never as I have never boycotted a product due to their hindrance to environmental stability. I feel a sense of conflict regarding global warming as we have seen how it has social consequences by escalating issues of war and poverty based on our Tropics of Chaos readings, but I still do not feel a personal connection to the cause. Although these stories helped in spreading awareness of catastrophic convergence, I found it difficult to relate to the people of the global south due to not having suffered the same social issues they did.

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