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Good for Europe

by on April 30, 2013

Good for Europe

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  1. I found this interesting because per usual the polluters (or the pesticide manufacturers) defend its product by drawing on scientific uncertainties and unclear correlations, but at the same time the EU or the executive European Commission of the EU moved ahead with a ban on the pesticides. This is encouraging in that the EU isn’t controlled by the producers and seems to be capable of pushing regulations on these producers.

  2. ginner35 permalink

    I think that this is a good idea to ban harmful pesticides. Whether they are harmful to people, animals, or bees, the decline like seen in the honey bees is ultimately harmful to the environment. I agree that it is encouraging that the EU moved ahead with the ban without the producers. This is much different than other organizations or companies we looked at during the course where they were really unable to make changes without everybody on board.

  3. I find it really interesting that the U.S. is constantly so far behind Europe when it comes to the safety of its people. For instance the EU has banned BPA a harmful chemical in cans. The U.S. has not even really debated the issue much, This is just another example. I watched a movie last semester about the economy and how bees in the U.S. are grown in one area and then flown all over the country to pollonate plants. Yet now these bees are just dying off rapidly and there is fear that soon we will have no bees. How can we continue to look at crisis’ like these and be idle when there are known causes or at least known significant correlations. I understand poorer countries cannot afford to turn away corporations but the U.S. has that clout.

  4. This ties heavily into the pesticide drift we discussed in Foer’s Book. As this drift only impacts 1% of the pests its suppose to kill, yet it pollutes the soil and water which the crops grow from and proves more harmful than good. The EU are doing what is supposed to be done when they realize the effects pesticides have are doing more harm than good. Although I understand the need for pesticides in order to keep insects away from crops, I am skeptical on its health consequences. Is it more dangerous to spray pesticides on full grown crops or coat the seeds in pesticides and let them grow in order to be harvested latter? There does not seem to be a better choice with either option.

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