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The Oil Drum: Lists of Foods by Environmental Impact and Energy Efficiency

by on April 30, 2013

The Oil Drum: Lists of Foods by Environmental Impact and Energy Efficiency

This provides more information about food and goes along with Foer’s argument about the ways in which we eat and environmental justice when it comes to consumption and production of food.  


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  1. I was shocked when I read in this article that about 10% of our consumption is related to food. I knew that eating responsibly would benefit the environment, but I had no idea it would have this much of an impact. After reading Foer’s book, I think that I was really able to see more of the environmental effects of eating animals. Before this class, I had no idea that so much bycatch was caught in the process of fishing. It really made me see how even though I do not have strong ethical beliefs against eating meat and fish, I should at least be conscious about how it effects the environment. I have definitely started to cut down on my meat and fish intake since reading Foer’s book. I am glad that I am now aware of how much environmental harm I can reduce just by choosing to eat certain things over others.

  2. I think this is so cool. The fact that corn gives humans more energy than is required to produce it is amazing. I was also happy to see that dairy such as cheese and milk were pretty efficient, as I have tried to get my protein from these sources recently as I cut down on meat consumption. Its just no longer worth it for me knowing that beef takes so much energy to make and isn’t that efficient as a result. Although I still eat beef once and a while, I have reduced my consumption by a considerable amount. It frustrates me, however, because I know that we will probably never be able to get people to stop eating beef at such a high rate. It just won’t happen. People are too used to their ways, and as a result no amount of facts will persuade them to cut down on beef consumption.

  3. Adam Schmidt permalink

    This was fascinating to me especially in regards to the efficient nature of corn. I lived in sioux City Iowa for a few years and really saw first hand the power of corn energy. This was an on going situation in Iowa because they produce so much corn in the fields which they thrive off of. I was also interested in the discussion of beef. Even after reading foers book i still have a hard time shying away from eating beef yet it is still eye opening.

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