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voices for change

by on April 30, 2013

voices for change

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  1. I found this interesting because it’s kind of close to some of the research I’ve been doing this semester with food justice. In Worcester, there has been a lot of acceptance but also some resistance from the people it’s supposed to help. It seems as though Ron Finley has been successful not only in growing fresh produce but in growing a culture for it. I wonder just how successful it is and why (or why not) it is that way.

  2. Stories like these sound very encouraging when I read them. This man is not looking for attention, but he brings awareness to an environmental issue simply by planting a garden. Not many would expect to find support for raising a local garden in a urban neighborhood with the purpose of promoting healthier living, but this man did. Although the city shut him down, people saw what he was doing and his work furthered the cause of another group (L.A. Green Grounds) in doing city wide dig-ins in order to grow crops for the city.

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