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Chefs with Issues: Buying food is a political act

by on May 2, 2013


I thought this article was very interesting. It was written by a chef we believes that buying food is a political act. Although I’ve mentioned before, I don’t believe that it is right to morally judge somebody over their decisions regarding what to eat and buy, but I do think it is good to be informed. I think a lot of us can relate to the quote about being inconvenienced, I know I can, but he offers some hope.

“A true measure of the strength of your convictions is how much you are willing to be inconvenienced to keep them.  And, once you get in the groove, this isn’t even an inconvenience.”



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  1. I absolutely agree with the chef in this article. I know my family tries to buy from a local farm in my area. However, we can’t always do this, the food is a lot more expensive. However, it is worth it; it tastes a lot better and I feel a lot better about supporting my local farm. I think I feel a lot better because I do realize it is a political choice, as I am in fact farming by proxy. I know my local farm doesn’t have meat, but they sell tomatoes and other produce.

    However, the issue seems to be for most people that buying locally isn’t practical. Local farms are not able to compete with the prices of big supermarket chains, and as a result, people more often go to the supermarket chains. I know my family tries to buy locally as much as possible, but we couldn’t afford to buy everything local all the time. A possible solution to this could be for the government to subsidize local farms or make purchases from local farms tax deductible. I feel like this would allow these farms to thrive.

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