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Climate Change Sickness

by on May 6, 2013

Climate Change Sickness


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  1. I found this article to be very interesting in that I think it deals with many issues that we are going to see becoming increasingly important and prevalent over the next few years. Scientists anticipate climate change bringing about a great deal of new diseases and illnesses in areas where we have previously not seen them. The story of Dale Pulde, a motorcycle mechanic in Los Angeles County, contracting valley fever struck me the most. After two lung operations, giving up his job and going on disability, I couldn’t believe that he still isn’t receiving compensation for his anti-fungal medication or his treatment- particularly since health officials were aware of the disease and still had not informed him. The battle between health officials, scientists, and the general public over what information is known versus what is shared, I’m confident will be an increasing issue that we will see over the coming years.

  2. Adam Schmidt permalink

    Climate change is becoming more and more evident to those who believe, yet those who don’t still refuse. And the government happens to be one of the non believers. This article shows that issues of climate change need to be made a bigger issue so people who are effected by it don’t suffer even worse. The last thing a rapidly growing population needs is a more sick population due to our own stupidity

  3. ginner35 permalink

    I was surprised when reading this article the negative effects that can be associated with climate change. When thinking about climate change I never really thought about the health effects, especially from dust being blown about due to the heat. Unfortuantely, people becoming sick may be one of the most powerful ways for attention to be brought to the ongoing problem of climate change. I was also struck by the Dale Pulde story. The health officials withholding the severity of his illness from him reminded me of the oil companies undervaluing the damage that they caused to both people and the environment. It is shocking that both these groups get away relatively without punishment, yet people like Dale Pulde are left to suffer.

  4. The effects of climate change are starting to affect us (Americans) more prominently now, which hopefully means that there will be more of a notice taken to this crisis. The article talks about how the disease was just not talked about often enough for people to realize what was going on. The man who got the disease states, “Why don’t they tell people?”. And, that statement is the microcosm to the problem seen with climate change. The problems are not made apparent enough to the people, and when people are aware of the problems, it is most likely too late.

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