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From Alex

by on May 7, 2013

From Alex

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  1. I went on the website for “Occupy the Pipeline,” and this quote stuck out to me: “We believe that the short-term interests of the few should not trump the long-term interests of the many. Accordingly, we believe that the health and safety of New Yorkers should not be jeopardized for the sake of quarterly profits.” I feel as if this has been a prominent theme throughout this class and in environmental issues where the negative externalities are ignored. The video showed an interesting potential effect of the Spectra pipeline, which is the release of increased radon, something most other fracking projects had not dealt with. This shows yet another thing that can go wrong and lead to adverse effects due to fracking. Even more, the effects will be on a much larger population. Hopefully, someone in power will heed the call, and this project won’t be completed.

  2. Earlier in the course when we watched the documentary about fracking that took place in poor, low populated areas. It’s interesting yet makes me uneasy knowing that New York will probably use water that has been fracked. It is unfortunate that this has already happened in areas like Colorado with open fields but I never expected this to happen in a city so close to home. I expect that, since New York is so highly populated and many parts form communities, they have a chance to fight Spectra pipeline. The city has powerful business owners and political figures that poorer Colorado towns do not have. New York residents and neighboring areas can prioritize their source of water. I doubt most people will support Spectra pipeline releasing an increase of radon into their drinking water. Even if the effects of this are unknown, it would be unwise to expose an entire city to it. The project has short term benefits but they do not outweigh the potential ecological harm the pipeline may cause.

  3. A few years ago I went to PowerShift in DC and spoke to some students from the Pennsylvania and New York area who worked against fracking. It was amazing to see all the work they were doing and how united and organized the students seemed to be. With that being said, after speaking to some friends from the New York area they knew very little about the effects of fracking or even exactly what it was. As a part of the anti-fracking movement I think it’s vital these campaigns focus on also educating the public because if the public do not understand fracking, they may not be inclined to work against. it.

  4. As seen in the film Gasland as well as in this youtube clip, Fracking is an example of how something can be beneficial to a select few, but devastating to the many. When I saw Fox travel from different farm lands that had been polluted by the fracking process, I was stunned to find out what happened to there water supply. It is one thing to hear stories about tap water being bad for you and another to see it catch on fire. To hear that this same process has reached New York and can also contaminate our water supply is truly frightening. Although my parents are persistent in ordering their spring water for our home, it is disturbing to think that this flammable water can reach my neighborhood without even realizing it.

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