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Violence and Climate Change

by on August 31, 2013

Violence and Climate Change

A good use of conflict theory (sort of).


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  1. emilylangan permalink

    This article is alarming. Of course I am aware of climate change, but I never thought of its effects on actual human interaction. It makes a lot of sense, too, because there is nothing more miserable than being in a hot car with your family for a few hours. I am interested to look more closely at the other human interaction effects of climate change. With more climate change and increased natural disasters, I wonder if tensions are going to heighten in our own communities. For example, during Hurricane Sandy, my mom told me that people at grocery stores were literally fighting over cases of bottled water (I live in NJ). Are people going to avoid their sophisticated and social reputations, or return to barbaric states of fighting for food and water?

  2. This article is very concerning. It is, however, not surprising that extreme climate conditions increase violence. In warm weather, the temperatures are uncomfortable which can easily make people irritable. Other extreme climate events such as hurricanes can also cause violent reactions because survival instincts kick in. Going forward, this is concerning because the average global temperature seems to be increasing. These temperature changes are altering the overall climate of many different areas causing different climatic events than have previously been experienced. As these extreme climate events become more and more common, the research done across numerous fields of study has shown that violence among humans will increase with it. Preventing future violence is a good reason for today’s society to take the necessary steps to try to prevent, or at least, limit global warming and climate change. If we are unable to do so, future generations will live in a very inhospitable world.

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