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A Call For Ecological Modernization?

by on September 9, 2013

A Call For Ecological Modernization?

Would the conservation agency have success if they sold parts of the prairie (under strict user covenants) a la Kickstarter?

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  1. This is a great article about people’s ability to come together as a group to accomplish something that is important to them. In just a few weeks, a conservation group from the Houston area managed to raise about $4 million to spare a local prairie from development. This is definitely an example of the Ecological Modernization Theory because the focus is on the behavior of individuals as opposed to the actions of the government. The conservation agency could have had success if they sold parts of the prairie under strict user covenants because they would have held on to more money to purchase more tracts of land, but it is better to see that the prairie will be managed by the Native Prairies Association of Texas, even if the Bayou Land Conservancy will not make back the money it raised to save the Deer Park Prairie. It is nice to read a story like this about individuals’ interests in conserving land, and more stories like this will be essential in the future as more and more land is exploited every day.

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