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Lecture at Rhem Thursday 4:30

by on September 9, 2013

Cost-benefit Analysis of Oil Drilling in the Niger Delta: An Ethical Approach – Julia Finomo is an environmentalist and a lecturer at the University of Port Harcourt in Nigeria. She will address the environmental degradation caused by an increase of oil spills and gas flares since the discovery of oil in Nigeria in 1956.
4:30 p.m., Rehm Library

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  1. I was able to attend the talk, and since reading Flammable have found the facts that Julia shared more profound. By studying the Niger Delta, Julia is quite familiar with Shell and the damage it has caused this particular area. Nigeria accounts for 13% of Shells annual profits and 10% of all United States oil. Oil is the mainstay of the Nigerian economy, those living there rely on it. Ironically, despite the oil being what keeps them alive, it is also what is killing them. The company is said to have increased jobs and created a more stable infrastructure in the Niger River Delta, however very few are able to actually benefit from this. Due to this, many residents are upset with the company and their practices. The flares turn on at night, and the company has lost over 1.89 million barrels of oil. Similar to the fantasy documents in relation to New Orleans, only 549,070 of the barrels have been recovered leaving over a million lost in the environment. In trying to remedy the situation, people take cosmetic methods. Instead of actually addressing the problem, dispersants are used which are ineffective and only further contaminate, also oil is buried or set on fire to try and get rid of it. I just found it interesting that we keep hearing the same stories, in Flammable, in Fenceline, and in the Lower Ninth Ward, where symbolic violence continues to make people suffer. If these problems are so prevalent and relatively similar, why hasn’t a solution arisen? We should be able to do something about it as it is a social issue, not an individual problem or just merely a normal accident.

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