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More on Climate

by on September 10, 2013

More on Climate

Again, we will talk about climate change at the end of the semester, but this was out today in the NYT. Horribly written, for several reasons, but points to a trend in a lot of climate numbers away from scaring people (which we’ll discuss why later on).

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  1. I thought that this article/video was similar to the documentary “Do The Math” in that there is a down playing of the serious numbers involved in climate change. What I found most interesting however, was that in this case it is the scientists who are more conservative with the numbers instead of the oil companies, or other corporations trying to keep their climate harming businesses afloat. This idea that giving the most extreme cases may “scare” people is interesting. It seems that people should be hearing the worse case scenario now more than ever because of the doubling CO2 levels instead of the best case. The purpose of these reports by experts should be to let the public know what they are heading towards and that their personal habits are some of the major causes of these impending changes. To hear that scientists are now moving towards a similar “number thinking” as the big oil companies and the like is worrisome for the future of climate change and our attempt at reduction of CO2 emissions.

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