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Can’t Help Ourselves

by on September 30, 2013

Can’t Help Ourselves

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  1. After reading this article, I found a lot of similarities between this and the Mississippi River in Louisiana. The people in New Orleans treated the Mississippi River as a dumping ground for all of their waste. The Gowanus Canal, in New York is being treated the same exact way. The pollution of the canal started with drains dumping strait into it, then moved on to barges bringing garbage to and from and dumping it, adding to the problem. This is the same kind of thing that barges did in New Orleans, with people putting all of their waste products on there and sending it “away” and into the river. This is shocking that this is still going on today, and that there really hasn’t been any pull to try and fix/stop it. A lot of these companies have been fined, but that is only money. It is not necessarily stopping them from dumping. I think that there are steps being made in the right direction but is not changing or helping anything. It doesn’t seem that a lot of people really know that this is going on, or that they don’t realize the magnitude of this problem. I think that if we educated people, especially in the area, how bad the pollution has gotten and that there is no end in site that they will try and do something about it….at least we could only hope.

  2. emilylangan permalink

    As an ex-rower and “river enthusiast” I have seen increasing water clean up projects around the Northeast. It is great to see that such a historically disgusting river is being cleaned up, but upsetting that businesses don’t care ad continue to use it as a dumping ground. Water clean up is a long process (as the article says this project will take about 10 years) but very rewarding in the long run. One thing that will definitely continue to fuel water clean up projects is the smell mentioned in the article. In high school my crew team rowed on the Passaic River (one of the most polluted places in NJ) and you can literally smell the river 5 minutes before you see it. Bodies of water can really be pretty, if only there wasn’t dead garbage floating in them.

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