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Paris as Shantytown

by on September 30, 2013

Paris as Shantytown

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  1. This article particularly interested me, especially since I visited Paris during my year abroad. First and foremost, this article highlights that even a pretty city, such as Paris, underwent a period of unhealthy/environmentally degrading living conditions. For instance, Kennel discusses how the sewer systems were almost nonexistent; as a result, tons of garbage was dispersed throughout the streets. However, with the help of Napoleon, Paris transformed itself into a city with the reputation as a “modern metropolis.” Gradually, Napoleon installed outdoor facilities, called “pissoirs,” or public urinals. Small alterations such as this resulted in more hygienic streets. Additionally, there was much less waste imposed on the environment. Finally, Haussmann had over 20,000 gas lamps installed on the streets of Paris. Again, these small changes had a significant impact on the overall hygiene/environment of Paris. This article clearly shows how even cities that are thought to be the prettiest in the world undergo periods of environmental degradation. It is how society reacts, looks to improve and reduces waste that truly matter. With the help of Napoleon and Haussmann, Paris has been able to transform itself into a city with “shantytown” qualities into a city of beauty. Clearly, this is a result of society’s contribution of keeping the environmental clean.

  2. This was an interesting article because of how Paris seemed similar to shantytowns in Flammable. In Flammable, these towns had different environmental problems and even went as far as having some parts of these towns being deemed as to dangerous to even go. This seems similar to Paris because there were so many environmental problems such as feces in the street. It gives me hope when I see of how Paris used to be this terrible place for the environment and now you see how much it has grown and improved. This should give us hope that our world today can still turn around our environmental problems such as Paris did. Paris seemed worse off we are today. If we can turn around Paris so dramatically, then we must be able to turn around most environmental problems that we face today. This article should give us hope for the future.

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