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From Morgan

by on October 1, 2013

From Morgan

On the shutdown and oil

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  1. Cameron Brown permalink

    The government shutdown is something I’ve heard in the news and heard chatter about it around campus but I realized I didn’t know much about it. There seemed to be no immediate panic and school seemed to go as usual. After hearing that many government employees are on furlough I wondered how this would impact businesses. This article is an interesting read because it gives the reader an idea about how the government shutdown will affect the oil business. It is clear from the article that many people will suffer due to this unpaid leave. It is interesting how many “unessential” employees there are working in the oil industry and the government. The oil drilling must go on because even though the government is at stands-still, consumers don’t stop. What stops is the work and approval on new oil drilling plans. I am interested in how long this government shutdown will last and if it will have significant impacts to oil production, which could lead to a negative impact in the economy. But just like we saw in New Orleans the faster the economy grows the worse the impact on the environment will be, so even though the government shutdown is critical to the country and government employees some environmentalist won’t contest the pause on new oil production.

  2. Yes, the oil drilling needs to go on, but this could be the perfect wake up call our country needs. We’re in a state of panic now with the government shut down and oil drilling coming to a stand still, but what happens in the future when we run out of oil? This instance is a microcosm of our future if we do not expedite the process of finding alternate sources of energy- mass distress and confusion, accompanied with economic malign. But hey, at least Obama is still getting paid while he devises what I’m sure will be a magnificent resolution to our country’s current situation.

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