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Hunters vs. tourists

by on October 1, 2013

Hunters vs. tourists

From Peter

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  1. Cristina Pretto permalink

    I believe that this article hits on a lot of different important topics. For starters, it shows the domino affect of keystone animals being controlled. Wolves would not have to have monitored populations if other keystone animals were not being greatly affected by human interruption. Another interested point is the idea that wolves’ and bears’ lives are less valuable than the recreation of hunting and a surplus of livestock. This government funded associating is outwardly saying that they would kill these predators to keep deer populations up for human enjoyment. The only agreement that I can really agree with is the safety of humans. It is a real problem when bears become too accustom to human activity. However, I believe that there are different ways of dealing with the situation other than trapping and denning. The budget they are given is massive and it should be used in better, more humane way.

  2. I remember learning about The Yellowstone National Park issues with the absence of wolves in Environmental Biology. By trying to control the amount of a certain animal is just another way that humans are trying to control nature. The more and more that humans get involved and change something natural the worse off we are. Ecosystems are very intricate webs where if one thing is taken out or even added everything is thrown off. Once things are thrown off and things start dying off or disappearing it is very hard to get it back. I do agree with Cristina in that their budget seems a little extensive, and think that some of that money can either be used for research or even having information sessions for people in these areas. I feel like there are a lot of rumors and false beliefs about these animals affecting their livestock and other things like that where in actuality a small percent is due to the predator animals. I think the more backlash this fund has, the more likely there will be change. People have a lot more power than they realize.

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