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From Theresa

by on October 4, 2013

From Theresa

On the BP spill and lawsuit…

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  1. This article was shocking to me because I did not know that BP had lied so much. When I first heard about the BP oil spill, I thought that BP was within the law and this was just a crisis that randomly occurred. There is a massive law suit going on with BP and it is being decided how much they have to pay for destroying the environment. I was not aware that BP had so many violations that it looked as if they were purposely making them. The only way to have that many violations and not doing something about it is by not caring about the effects that these oil spills had on the environment. BP also has lied about the flow rate which contributed to even more oil leaks. I personal think that BP should be charged the with the highest fines for this oil spill because they were negligent with all of their violations and in turn did they not care about all the destruction they were causing in the environment.

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