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From Taylor G

by on October 16, 2013

From Taylor G

Seems pretty smart at only 1200 a billboard.


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  1. This article is fascinating. With so much water in the air, it is amazing that no one came up with this idea before. It is rather cheap at only $1200 per billboard to create drinkable water. There could easily be some sort of usage fee that would cover the annual costs of taking water from these billboards. It is also good to read that it would be producing clean water. This is obviously much healthier than trying to drink unsanitary water that is often consumed solely because there is no other option. While this is a fantastic idea for humid areas where water is hard to come by, it would be useless for getting water in dry, arid areas because there is little water vapor in the air to be condensed into drinkable liquid water. Nevertheless, at such a cheap cost, these billboards should be constructed globally for easy access at clean water. My only concern with this is if some climate problem could arise from removing water from the air on a large scale. It is good to see that someone has taken an overall community’s environmental issue and done something to try to fix it.

  2. This article was really interesting to read. I feel like a solution like these billboards is so simple, yet so ingenious at the same time. It is a good fix for those with water shortages in the areas they reside in, and not that expensive. At $1200 per billboard, this is rather cheap, and there could easily be sponsors to front the costs. I think that there should be a small usage fee for the water so there could be some sort of income of profits made. This is a good start in making progress is providing safe drinking water around the world. I think that these should be advertised more so that the idea of them can get out in the public. Then, more billboards will be put up and more progress can be made in the production of safe drinking water.

  3. I was amazed to read that this type of technology exists and surprised that I had not heard about it elsewhere. It is encouraging to see that engineers have been able to use the area’s humidity to the community’s advantage because humidity is usually a factor that slows down production in a community due to the fact that it causes working conditions to become unbearable. It is also great that the billboards only cost $1200 to install because other water producing technologies, such as a wind turbine, can cost up to $660,000. The article states that advertising can cut the costs of installation, and I think many companies will be interested in advertising on this billboard because then their company/product will be associated with the function of the billboard and with community improvement. People will want to buy a product that is associated with helping a community drink clean water. After reading this article, I am left wondering what percent humidity would an area need for the installation of the billboard to be cost-effective.

  4. Sooo all it took for an incredible invention like this to be created was a “slump in enrollment” at an engineering school? Really? Don’t get me wrong, the invention is incredible. But you mean to tell me that a group of engineers at a school came up with an ingenious idea in their spare time that countries’ governments with their funding could not? The idea of portable clean water is groundbreaking in still-developing countries. And with such a cheap installation price of $1,200 dollars as opposed to the $660k wind turbines, charity groups wisely and effectively use their money to aid impoverished countries by installing these reverse-osmosis billboards. Again, though, if this was done in the spare time by a group of engineers looking to boost enrollment at their school, I feel as though our government, and others could be doing better at creating environmentally efficient mechanisms.

  5. This is an amazing invention that could help many people as well as the environment. This does seem impractical thought because this new technology was only $1,200 while the other methods of doing this was $660,000. If this billboard is as cheep as it sounds and actually collects water with humid air then it could really help many different people. One of the problems that they did not talk about what if it is not humid enough. They installed this new groundbreaking billboard in one of the most humid places in the world. An important question is how will this billboard work if it is in a normal place where it is hot and cold with regards to the seasons? If they could still get it to work here, then this could be even more groundbreaking then one might have thought.

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