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From Caitlin

by on October 18, 2013

From Caitlin

Some encouraging news…

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  1. What’s great about this article is not only are courts from the local and national level beginning to look more closely at issues pertaining to greenhouse gas emissions, but the ruling of this decison could set a precedent for the United States and the EPA in the future. In the case that was examined in the article, which focused on greenhouse gas emissions by means of vehicles, the court found that elevated levels of greenhouse gases pose dangerous threats to future generations. In light of this, the court decided to set limits on the emissions from vehicles and power plants. While this applied specifically to the state of Massachussetts, it is likely that other states will begin to set limits on greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles in the future. States might do this by setting mpg regulations for new cars, creating more public transportation options, and by investing more in technology to invent more ecologically efficent vehicles. I think it is great that the authorities are taking more of an active role in trying to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles, as the use of the automobile will most likely never go out of style. We must come up with a way that we can have both the easy access of cars as well as a clean environment that features less greenhouse gas emissions. Taking this issue to the courts at both the local and national level is a huge first step.

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