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From Michael

by on October 18, 2013

From Michael

Yes, this is from 2013…


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  1. I recently saw on BBC world news that China’s smog problem was so intense that schools and businesses had to close down for a day or two until the smog passed. There were plenty of images of the chinese people in face masks to protect themselves from inhaling too much of the chemicals in the smog. It’s quite funny that they have waited until the problem is at an extreme high to address the cancerous effects of air pollution. That’s like how scientists didn’t make public the cancerous effects of smoking cigarettes until the last 50 years. People obviously can’t just stop buying and using cars so the problem should’ve been addressed much sooner so that people could try to improve upon alternatives to gasoline transportation. And this is a global problem so it is ridiculous that people have waited until 2013 to publish an article like this stating the effects of air pollution.

  2. It’s a universally accepted idea that breathing in chemically unclean air has adverse side effects. We did not need a officially publishing of an article to point this out. However, now that the obvious has been made official, industries can and will be held more liable for their emissions. Going off of the comment before mine, even though it’s no secret to the public, it is ridiculous that nothing has been published about the adverse effects of inhaling chemically unclean air before. It is because doing so would have slowed the worldwide treadmill of production. Companies would not have been able to emit unregulated amounts of toxins into their air during production, and this would have slowed commerce. It’s similar to how Bush kept Polar Bears off the endangered species list. Their home in the Antarctic is clearly melting because of climate change. Putting Polar Bears in the Endangered Species Act, though, would make the U.S. liable for their protection. What would this mean? That something would have to be done about climate change. No chance. Our government was not about to put a cap on emissions and slow down production. Tying back to the article, if companies were officially deemed responsible for making the air unclean and hazardous to human health, they’d have to do something about it. And up until now, that has not been the case.

  3. After reading this article, the stat that jumped out as me was there was 220,000 worldwide deaths from lung cancer which has connections to air pollution. It has been proven that some of these air pollutants are causing deaths. This is because these particles are deposited deep in individuals lungs. The difficult thing about this environmental problem is that everyone is susceptible to this air pollution because everyone has to breath. I do not understand how we have not adopted stricter rules for people and industries in regards to airborne pollutants if this many people have died from it.No one can do this be themselves. This has to be a continual effort of everyone in order to make a substantial difference. This is possible though by driving less, taking more public transportation, or even carpooling more.

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