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From Morgan

by on October 25, 2013

From Morgan

I thought it was interesting to note that the issue of garbage continues to be a problem for Chicago. Not only on an environmental level, but also the other negative externalities that come from having to deal with the trash EX: the numerous fatal accidents etc.

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  1. caaher16 permalink

    This article hits close to home for me because I live in Northbrook, IL which is the town next to Glenview. I have 6 family members that live in Glenview and this accident actually happened right down the street from my grandmother’s house so I heard about it from my family when it happened. Personally, I disagree that this article is directly related to the “garbage wars” in Chicago because Glenview is a suburb far outside the city and has a separate system of garbage disposal than the city of Chicago itself. Cook County has separate sectors for garbage pick-up and disposal. The communities of the North Shore (referring to the suburbs in Cook county that are outside the city along the north shore of Lake Michigan) have purposefully set up different systems of recycling and garbage separating/disposal than in the city because of the conflict over pollution in the city. Also, an accident such as this one could have happened just about anywhere; I don’t believe this directly relates to the “garbage wars.” The fact that it was a garbage truck that happened to crash was just happenstance, in my opinion.

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