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From Morgan

by on October 25, 2013

From Morgan

I thought it was interesting to note that the issue of garbage continues to be a problem for Chicago. Not only on an environmental level, but also the other negative externalities that come from having to deal with the trash EX: the numerous fatal accidents etc.


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  1. This car crash is similar, although to a much greater extreme, to some of the hazards Pellow describes in the chapters discussing recycling centers and the real effects that recycling has on the workers and the environment. He notes that along with the pollution that is being caused by the centers, there is also other physical harm that can result from trash/recycling. He mentioned how when the mobile buy back trucks would go to residential areas to pick up recyclables, there are many potentially harmful situations that could occur (i.e. glass breaking all over the street and car accidents due to the amount of traffic on the streets). There seem to be many very real dangers involved in the waste industry aside from pollution. With waste trucks as big as they are it is not surprising that an accident like this occurred. Although it is ironic that the truck driver wasn’t injured but other individuals were and some actually killed in this situation.

  2. Cameron Brown permalink

    I do agree that recycling and waste manage do cause other problems than just pollution of the environment. From first hand experience, the Waste management Trucks are very big and can cause problems in streets and parking lots. I have also experience waste removal from a hotel cause problems because of the long lasting loud noise and the lingering smell that did not please the hotels guests. In saying this I think the problem is still the amount of waste we produce and not the ways we manage it. The trucks need to be bug because any other way would be inefficient with the amount these workers and companies have to deal with. And this obviously ties in with consumption. But I think to blame this car accident on waste management and to say this is another problem is not fair. Anything can go wrong with anybody or anything at a given moment in time. From reading this article there are no facts on whose fault the accident was or anything related to that. To say car accidents is a problem of recycling and trash removal is unfair to me.

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