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From Alec

by on October 28, 2013

From Alec

This is from Alec Bonelli, star student from last semester and now an alum of HC. This is kind of what I’d like to get going here in Worcester–but for food pantries (mostly) and to increase green space in Worcester…

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  1. This seems like a really interesting idea to have in a city, especially one so close to us, like Boston. Farms like The Higher Ground Farm are perfect for promoting “going local” in your purchases. I feel like for many people living in cities, they claim that it is hard to find locally grown produce or a reliable Farmers Market. The Higher Ground Farm is solving that problem. it is important to support places like this because the consumer is being ensured that their produce is fresh and safe. Also, supporting places like this will increase the green space, as noted, in cities, something places like Worcester and Boston need. Starting a place like this in Worcester would be really interesting and definitely a big hit with all of the colleges in the area. I think that this is something I would definitely be interested and would like to check out.

  2. This is an amazing idea because it is in the city of South Boston. It is understandable how risky this can be financially because the wind can be tricky so high up on the rooftop. It is interesting that these individuals have found a way to bring local produce to people in the city where that would seem impossible. Something that they did not talk about in the article is how there food is so fresh. This locally grown food does not have any of these chemicals in it which mass produced places use. This freshness might incline more people in the city to buy from this new supply chain and in turn, this could help people stay healthier because this is locally grown.

  3. caaher16 permalink

    This is such a great idea! I love the amount of success the Higher Ground Farm has had… supplying some of the best restaurants in the city is a pretty big deal. It shows how high the demand is for REAL, FRESH food (especially in cities). There is so much unused urban space throughout cities all over the country that have the potential to be turned into environmental projects/gardens such as this one. This idea has so much promise, this could easily spread to other cities if people are willing to put in the time and effort that Courtney Hennessey and John Stoddard did to make this farming project successful. People want actual farm fresh food and this is an easy, accessible way to provide healthy food to urban-dwellers. This farm also eliminates the consequences of the travel of food… no more need for lettuce that travelled 1,500 miles to get on your plate. Stoddard comments on how Higher Ground Farm makes people feel connected to their food because they know what it is and where it came from! How refreshing.

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