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From Kiara

by on October 29, 2013

From Kiara

More on pollution…


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  1. It is very interesting how noise can effect our health. This is one of the types of pollution that not everyone things about. It is interesting because it was proven that only 30 decibels can disturb sleep and the people are usually much louder then that. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency placed the average outdoor residential levels bellow 55 decibels and the indoor average levels at 45 decibels. If this noise pollution can really effect our hearing, our sleep, our mental health, and even impair out task performances then we must attempt to lessen our production of noise. This would help us become healthier as a population.

  2. Before reading this article, I had never before thought about the existence of noise pollution. It is amazing that something like sound that people are so accustomed to is actually so detrimental to one’s health. As the article said, it is like second-hand smoke in that it imposes adverse health effects on people without their consent. While people are capable of tuning out sound, their ears still suffer the consequences of having to hear it. As I write this, I am sitting in Coolbeans attempting to tune out the constant sound of blenders and voices while realizing how much damage is likely being done to my ears as I sit here innocently. Unlike other more obvious environmental problems, noise pollution is one that I am not certain how it could be reduced or prevented. Populations are growing, leading to more noise through the use of more and more technology. Unless future technological developments become significantly quieter than their current counterparts, future generations will have a great deal of trouble finding quietness, not to mention the difficulty they will have at hearing.

  3. Sammy D permalink

    Noise pollution has affected the lives and health of people on a global scale. Whether living in a large city, subject to constant exposure, or residing near a factory or power plant, many people are unaware of the impact in their local community. This article can be closely associated with the discussion of Chicago in Garbage Wars. Pellow exposes significant issues surrounding the recycling industry. On a daily basis, workers are subject to numerous health implications such as chemicals and biohazards. One of the harmful conditions in the factories is noise pollution, something that many people seem to forget about in discussions of environmental justice. People who work in these facilities, most of whom live in low-income communities, are subject to loud noises at work as well as at home in their nearby communities. Unfortunately, many of the dangers of noise pollution are unavoidable. Hopefully the government and environmental justice agencies will be able to find reasonable solutions to these problems and mitigate health risks through more regulation in factories.

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