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From Kiara

by on November 4, 2013

From Kiara

I’m not sure what a savory cracker tastes like, but this looks like a good idea all around…of course you are still nonetheless eating flies…but you already do…


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  1. I think this idea has the potential for being a great advancement. As of right now, our animals and fish are being fed slaughtered animals that are not being used for human consumption, or they are being fed types of animals that humans wouldn’t go near. I think that this larvae has the potential to decrease the amount of bicatch from fishing and decrease the amount of animals eating their own kind. Also these larvae seem to have some “recycling” qualities to them by eating waste products that we would be disposing any way. If they are consuming this, and are great protein for the animals they are being fed to, I don’t know why we wouldn’t try it! I do think that it would be a hard sell to people, mostly because it’s a weird thought that the animals people are eating eat bugs for their nutrients. Also I think that people associate bugs with being gross and disease filled. People will be skeptical to believe that these bugs don’t carry any disease or that in the future they won’t carry any sort of disease. I think that if they closely monitored these larvae and kept a log, that in a few years they might be able to sell it.

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