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From Morgan

by on November 13, 2013

From Morgan

Against local farmers

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  1. Cameron Brown permalink

    For anybody who enjoys eating healthy foods or someone who is conscience of what they eat, this article is a discouraging read. It’s interesting that many of us average consumers of food assume that diseases like E-coli come from pesticides on farms, but after reading this article it clearly states otherwise. To pin contaminated foods on farmers and to not penalize food processing companies seems outrageous. We hear these problems like pesticides and genetically modified foods that cause contamination of foods, but we never hear of the problems with big food processing companies. This is an example of how big corporations with money clearly have the advantage when it comes to food regulations. They can afford to make changes and because of their size, power, and resources. Meanwhile, the local organic farmers will be greatly affected and farming will only become more costly and because of the wait period for compost, there will be a lack of organic food. Only making 10% of their sales as income shows how big food companies can take advantage of local farmers. Lastly, as these new food acts and laws come into place, organic farmers will become less and less productive leading to an increase in sales to large food companies.

  2. ksbarbieri permalink

    The article clearly states that the food borne illnesses that are responsible for massive food contamination result from problems with the processing not the farming of food. Therefore it seems like this new law isn’t actually targeting the root of the problem, but in a way is helping corporations undermine their competition. Although organic food may not be produced according to “sanitary factory conditions” at the end of the production cycle the organic food is cleaner and healthier for us than the food that is produced in mass quantities at factory farms. How can anything produced in such close quarters and at that scale really be that good? Rather than target farming practices which seem to really only penalize small local farms, this law should look to fix the production problems that result in food borne illnesses. It would be a shame to see small farms who are producing healthier organic food go out of business.

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