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by on November 14, 2013


Yet another reason to farm…

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  1. Cameron Brown permalink

    The statistics about asthma and respiratory diseases in America today are very troubling. It’s scary to think so many children are at risk and studies show that the diseases are just getting more severe. To think that farming, inhaling microbes can increase your health is shocking to me. It’s honestly a disgusting thought. Being on the farm and handling grime, dirt, and waste constantly seem like the opposite of a healthy lifestyle. If the studies mentioned in the article are in fact true than this is another benefit from farming and I think it supports how their needs to be a balance between farming and industrial agriculture. The statistics explaining how “In parts of the developing world, where allergic disease was once considered rare, scientists have noted an uptick, especially in urban areas,” I think is extremely significant. There clearly is something related to respiratory health and globalization. Globalization and modernization bring good to society, but there seems to be just as many bad things and sometimes more severe. Jobs are important but if the workers are becoming increasingly unhealthy and developing worse diseases at an early age how much work can they really do physically? Finally, it seems like society is sending the wrong message. We want to be clean, look good, stay away from germs when that could be the reason we are becoming ill. Exposure to germs and microbes seem to build our immune system and lead to a healthier life. This is just another reason why farming is helpful and necessary in today’s world.

  2. This article underscores another reason why farming should be more prevalent in our industrialized world. The fact that with children allergies is so much higher than in ever has been before should be a sign to society today. Factory farming and large industries producing our food do nothing but hurt the human race. I find it very interesting that those who grew up on farms encounter less health issues. But, the facts cannot lie, these people are doing something right. We need more farms, and we need them quickly. It is not even like we need everyone to participate in farming to cure this epidemic. There is simply a need for more farms. This is a concept that should be publicized more so society’s knowledge can grow on the issue.

  3. I kind of want to disagree with this article. Yes, farming is a great thing, especially local farming, but I don’t think farming is the only cure for allergies. I think it’s just more exposure with the natural world in general. Growing up, my sisters and my friends in my neighborhood and I spent every chance we got outside, playing in our backyards and nearby woods. None of us ever had any asthma or allergy problem and I credit that to our constant exposure to nature. The same thing can be said for people on farms, they’re constantly outside, interacting with nature. I feel that kids today spend far too much time indoors, on their computers or watching TV, and not enough time outside. Inside, they are not exposed to natural elements so they cannot build up their immune systems. I don’t think they need to take drastic measures like going to a farm everyday to sniff cowshed, but just simple steps like spending more time outside. This is hard for kids in urban areas, but those are the kids most at risk for asthma and allergies. I think our allergy and asthma epidemic would decrease significantly if people just immersed themselves in nature and breathed more fresh air more often.

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