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The McRib as litmus test

by on November 14, 2013

The McRib as litmus test

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  1. Ali Scalici permalink

    Shouldn’t people want to know what is in their food? Shouldn’t people realize that this is not “real” meat and his highly processed? There is one thing that supersedes this logic, is how these types of things are portrayed in the media. It looks appealing and tasty on the commercials, therefore it must be. Even when discontinuing the McRIb, the media fanfare was ridiculous. this sandwich has almost been glorified in the media, so why would it seem unappealing. We know that it is made out of ground pork pieces and advertising even joked about it coming from a “boneless pig farm”. The disappearance and the reappearance of the McRib, according to this article, was an advertising ploy. The article points out that we will cave to our desires no matter what the logic is behind it and the McDonald’s takes advantage of this by pointing out the McNuggets are made the same way the McRib is, but has received little media attention because all of the attention has been on the McRib. We know that these things are unhealthy for us and are made from processed meat parts, yet we continue to buy into it.

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