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Food and Taxes

by on November 17, 2013

Food and Taxes

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  1. The fact that there are malnourished children in America is unsettling, especially combined with the fact that some of these children are simultaneously malnourished and overweight. This is happening because children aren’t getting the balanced diet that they should. Since the government is subsidizing corn, the only food poorer families can afford is cheap, processed food derived from corn syrup. Children are not getting the balanced nutrient from the corn syrup, but are getting overweight from it since it is not good for them. These kids aren’t even given a chance as with the lack of vegetables since they are too expensive combined with a ton of processed foods, these children become at risk for food related diseases, like diabetes, at a very early age. The money the government will save from slashing food stamps should go to subsidizing the production of spinach and other iron rich foods that will help kids combat anemia, as well as subsidizing other nutrient rich foods that will allow families afford to feed their kids well balance diets.

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